This page is dedicated to the folding travel guitars of our production - Easy Fold.

The first folding guitar in Russia.

We have a patent pending for the folding mechanism.

Full-scaled. 24.75" or 25.5"

A travel guitar should be compact. Easy Fold fits into your urban backpack thanks to the ultimate folding mechanism. String tension is adjusted on the bridge.

Robust and ergonomic design created by playing engineers for musicians.

The perfect weight distribution within the center of the instrument.

Each guitar has a unique serial number by which we can identify it and help in case of  any questions.

350 mm


Guitar folds and unfolds in 5 seconds!

Складная тревел-гитара

450 mm

490 mm (this shold be the diagonal line of your backpack)

Choose from standard colors or order a custom

Mahogany body+mahogany neck Tesla P90 pickup

Mahogany body+mahogany neck Gibson 496R pickup

You don't have to pay anything yet. Just choose the configuration in preorder and see the cost - we will contact you.

Attention! Pickup is not included - you have to tell us which one you want us to install.

Any questions? Contact us on instagram or by phone!

We do ship worldwide!

Check the video below. It's in russian but you don't need russian to understand music.

Any questions? Contact us on instagram or by phone!

We do ship worldwide!

You can order milling for any pickup and ask us to install any pickup onboard.

Тревел-гитара складная Easy Fold

Easy Fold

Easy Fold Ocean Drive
Электроника тревела
Travel guitar Mahogany Warm Brown
Складная гитара Easy Fix

Any color

You can choose any electronics configuration + electronics cover holds on magnets.

Simple and reliable folding mechanism with 3 years of warranty. With natural wear all the moving parts are replaced in our workshop or sent to you - the cost of the complete replacement kit is 70$. With moderate use, replacement will not be taken for several years. When folding-unfolding strings do not break and live for about a month when playing every 2-3 days. The system floats in 0.5 tone more or less when unfolded.

P90 - FuzzMahogany body+Mahogany neck
00:00 / 00:18
P90 - OverdriveMahogany body+Mahogany neck
00:00 / 00:39
P90 - CleanMahogany body+Mahogany neck
00:00 / 00:46
Humbucker - FuzzMahogany body+Maple neck
00:00 / 00:18
Humbucker - OverdriveMahogany body+Maple neck
00:00 / 00:39
Humbucker - CleanMahogany body+Maple neck
00:00 / 00:46